I spent 5 days with Lucifer in my head

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Mar 3, 2019
I spent 5 days with Lucifer in my head but the voice was audible YouTube prankster and over really nice guy. So it's ironic I listened to him relentleslsy destroying any bit of self worth I still had. So is it common to hear many voices or just have a main voice or 2 like characters ? Bc who ever I was attacked iby broke me changing my life forever. This was my first time hearing voices but after 5 days I moved out convinced I'd been kicked out bc dad thought I was gay. They convinced me someone was about to enter my hotel room to cut my face off then slit my throat. I made a run for it driving through town blowingv 3 red lights at 100 mph before reaching the police station. Ending in hancuffed and spending 3 weeks in the psych ward.