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i seem to keep people at arms length



New member
Nov 29, 2008
currenlty i am moving around due to work
evening everyone

This is my first post,so if you think my problems are a bit trivial then just say so.

Been moving around the country working with alot of diffent people for the past year but i have been stuggeling to contain an injury which could end my career, i believe now i have almost conquered it but looking back over the past year i have come to realise how unfriendly and cold i must have seemed

This has caused my social skills to become rather eroded and my confidence around peolle i aspire to be has really shrunk. I would like to hear from anyone who has had a similar experience or knows what i am going through, any responses from military guys and gals out there would be very welcome

many thanks



I think we all put protective mechanisms in place to try to help ourselves whether injuries are physical or those that directly affect our mental health.

I actually hate the thought of appearing vulnerable or needy and have to be at absolute breaking point before I ask for help. I know an awful lot of people that are linked to the work I do (mainly with police & fire service) where boundaries are really defined but not that many people on a personal basis.

Social skills are like anything else, if we don't practice them then we lose them.

If you're travelling around a lot then it is more difficult to move out of the work friendship scenario and into something more settled. I don't have a solution to that.

And welcome to the forum by the way.
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