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I really hate my mom

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Deleted member 90809

I have this really strong anger and hatred and resentment for my mom. I feel wrong, guilty to say that, but I really do. I never had a loving relationship with her, she was neglectful, downright stupid, and not a good fucking role model. I get jealous of people with good relationships with their parents. it still is taking me forever to process all the anger I feel towards her. She keeps reprimanding about the smallest things I do, without looking at her own fucking behavior. in her eyes, I can never feel like I'm doing enough or I'm good enough or I'm never doing the right thing, the smallest mistakes I do, instead of teaching me the right way she would shame me for my actions, make me fucking guilty, and yet she constantly wonders why I fucking hate her. She never takes responsibility for all the the thing's she has done in her life. She yells at me, and wonders why I dont want to connect with her because she's so fucking emotionally manipulative. I feel like she constantly defends our dad even despite my dad cheating on her and he doesnt even fucking love her. I feel like she loves our dad more than her own kids. I feel like because of her I have this weight I constantly carry with me, or for the rest of my life, with intense psychological issues I can never feel like I could resolve. I have deep mommy and daddy issues. and she constantly confuses me, sometimes I think she looks out for me and the next thing you know she's talking shit behind about me behind my back to my siblings about something small I did. I dont respect her and I am embarrassed to call her my mother. also my mom many times, she makes me feel like I can never fucking achieve anything, whenever I want to try new things like taking an internship, getting a fucking job she doesnt trust that I could do it, she made fun of me for applying for a job. who the fuck does that? I hate her. it makes sense now why i get attach to authority figures in my life, like teachers, professors. I constantly feel like I'm selfish, very low self-esteem and a narcissist and I could never be fucking happy and like myself

Deleted member 90809

She makes me sick, she gossips so much about other people, and always on fucking facebook, and you can never have a fucking sensible conversation with her

Deleted member 91323

I think you have very good reasons to feel the way you do. I know society tells us we should love our families but for many of us, we cannot. I do not like my parents.


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May 7, 2019
We chose our friends but can't chose our family.

We can only chose how we interact with our family - maybe you should consider leaving home


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Feb 27, 2020
Nashua NH
I’m sorry that you struggle with your relationship with your parents. Have you been able to become stronger and more independent because of it or does it just seem to wear you down instead? I think it is great to look to other role models when existing role models fail us. There is nothing wrong with that. xo, j
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