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I realised I don't remember anything...



New member
Feb 12, 2019
First of all I wanna say I'm not trying to diagnose myself with anything. This is just something I've realised recently and all I want is to know if it's normal or not. I can't seem to find much info with a Google search.

I've been experiencing a lot if dissociating and derealization recently. I was thinking about it and I realised, for the first time at age 21, that I don't really remember anything. First I realised that all the way up to age 18, childhhod, school and college, I only remember a few images. Part of a conversation here and there. But I couldn't tell you when they were. I realised I remember images from family holidays but couldn't tell you what holiday it was and what year. Most of the things I do remember from secondary school are with a specific friend in a specific class. I couldn't tell you anything that happened in my life with a specific year. Then I realised that this isn't just school and college. It's the same for the past couple of years too. Almost all of my memories are in third person too and my boyfriend says that's weird.

Is this normal? It's just I hear people talking about their lives, saying things happened on specific years, and I could never do that. When I think about it I really remember so much less than I thought I did.



Well-known member
Nov 11, 2013
Hmmmm… have you talked to your GP about it yet? It could be physical or mentally caused so its hard to give advice here. Let us know...