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I need to vent with someone



New member
Oct 7, 2018
Hey everyone!
I was always a confident woman, never had major problems with relationships and I always thought I was in control over things.
Until I met this guy. I completely fell in love with him, I never felt that kind of strong connection with anyone before and he made everything between us feel so special. Things were never easy due to several issues (the existence of an ex girlfriend and cultural differences) but when we were together it was like any of those problems existed. All of the sudden, he broke up with me (told me some story that I still don't know if I believe it or not) and that's when my anxiety started, and my panic attacks.
I couldn't believe that something that I though was so special could end like that, and then I started to doubt everything, his feelings for me, if they were real or not, I started doubting my ability to do things...basically I lost track of what I am. This was a year ago. And I can't move on with my life, I'm stuck. I can't focus on my work, I'm always stressing about the things I should be doing, but can't do anything. I live abroad, alone, and the only people I know here is that guy and his friends, and I have no one to talk to.


STOP! don't waste another second mourning the loss of this horrible bandid, he's broken your heart and robbed your confidence and self esteem, don't get sad get even! get out there girl with your head held high and show him what he's missing.
Iv lived the expat life and know exactly where your coming from about isolation ect, you have to be courageous, maybe ask around at work about groups and clubs, you know your worth far more than what this guy has made you feel!
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