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I need to have a grumpy rant. (Ex issues.)



Dec 14, 2011
I just need to get this out of my system and since it's 2.30am there is no one to rant to :(

I broke up with my ex (we can name him Clive) in October. He was very controlling and basically treated me like dirt on his shoe. Kind of my fault for letting it go on so long (2 years.) but yeah, I was 15 when we got together and very immature and unassertive.

While we were together he always flirted with other girls and when I expressed my insecurity he shrugged it off. There were incidents where he nearly cheated (and I honestly would not be surprised if he did.) and there was one girl in particular (let's name her Sue.) who I had severe insecurity about (the reasons why could probably take up an entire thread.)

Basically, a big situation happened between Clive and Sue which wasn't very nice for me to go through. After the incident Clive had Sue blocked on social networking, but I constantly told him not to as I knew he didn't actually dislike her. However he told me she "meant nothing to him."

After we break up he's pulling the whole suicide thing with me and I'm trying my best to talk him out of it. Meanwhile he's happily cosying up to all the girls I ever had issues with and having a whale of a time (at the same time he's accusing me of moving on to quickly, may I add.) Eventually it blows up because he'd been telling Sue that I was the one who made him block her ect.. so I got pretty annoyed (especially when she was sending me abusive messages because of it.) and told her all the nasty, personal things he'd said to me about her. (I understand this was immature and rash of me, but I was really none too pleased at this point. :p) He then calls me pathetic and refuses to speak to me at all.

However he's quite happy to make obvious digs at me in tweets and facebook status', a behaviour that I really can't stand. I'd much rather he come tell me so I can respond, but obviously if I respond to these messages which are about me, and not too me; It'll be precisely what he wants.

I have now just discovered that Clive and Sue have been openly mocking beliefs I have on Twitter. It's something which I'm sure I will find very trivial when the feelings have blown over but it's really getting to me now. My beliefs don't harm anybody and I certainly don't deserve public ridicule (with no means to retaliate) for them. They are simply a little beyond the norm.

Eh, it's something very trivial I know but I do not like to be publicly baited like this. It's immature and cowardly and just riles me. As I said I've got no one else to rant to and I need to rant or I'll retaliate. I don't want to do that! So thank you for being my emotional punchbag for ten minutes. ^__^


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Jul 21, 2010
West Sussex, England
Hi OobieMoobie, From what Ive just read Id say you have every reason to need to rant. All I can say is you're better off without this moron and I hope that you can now move on with your life and leave him in your past.

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