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I need this off my chest



New member
Nov 12, 2020
I was doing ok for a week or so... and now I’m right back down again. Nothing really changed in my life... nothing got great or got worse, but I just find myself sinking again.
I feel like I put so much effort in trying to be there for other people that I neglect myself. I am always trying to be support for others when their upset or need to talk... family, friends, co-workers... it’s exhausting. I’m exhausted. I’ve spent so much time trying to live a life for others that I feel I’ve accomplished nothing for myself. I also see that those others I’ve been there to support move on with their lives and I’m just here alone, uncared for... like there’s such a big void in my spirit... in my heart. I don’t find joy in things anymore. I feel so empty...


Nov 12, 2020
Hi Jay, I read your post and I am sorry to hear about your situation. You are not alone in this situation and I, myself also struggle these past few months. I want to say that what you did for others are great and you should be proud of yourself, even if yourself have been struggling. That, in itself is already a big accomplishment for you and not for others because listening is not easy especially if you are struggling. I hope this flower will cheer you up, even if its a little bit.




Well-known member
Aug 14, 2018
You need to take a rest and just listen to good, encouraging ang uplifting songs on youtube. Love yourself. Take good care of yourself. Pamper yourself. Create happy moments. Dine in your favorite restaurant. Do something new and somethinh different. You were created to be happy. Choose to be happy.
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