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I need some help, Im so discouraged



Active member
Dec 14, 2019
Hello friends.

Just two months ago I was normal. Lived a healthy , fulfilled life. Now two months later im struggling...every day Im struggling.
In October something very stressful happened but now it has resolved it self . I have been on meds since oct 28 with finally switching from Paxil to Zoloft Dec 17. I am currently at 100 mg..I am feeling better on Zoloft, the anxiety is quite a bit better. When I had extreme Anxiety I could not sleep nor eat. My appetite and sleep has gotten a bit better, But I seem to be obsessing about them both now.. All I can think about is not eating, there for that gives me anxiety, then I cant eat. The smell of food makes me sick . All I can eat is cottage cheese and oranges, soup, Boost, egg, toast...I have lost 15 pounds over the 2 months and I cant stand to look skinny.. It bothers me...I have thoughts that what if I never eat again, all that Bs...I have scheduled my self in for therapy on Monday with an OCD specialist in the city. 125.00$ an hour. I have no idea what the therapy of choice would be for this, and I am still waiting for the Zoloft to kick in... Please, any suggests, words of encouragement , would be greatly appreciated... Im scared, dont want do anything but sit here and obsess about not eating...and all I want to do is eat and to put my weight back on and get back to my life....I have been off work for 2 months and feel like Im going crazy...Anyone ever deal with this? I dont have a huge list of OCD , but these ones are really effecting me...I had an episode like this when I was 18 but pulled out of it way faster. I was on Paxil for 20 years until it stopped working...then the switch to Zoloft... I also stopped my Paxil that combined with the stressful event in October caused me to relapse...All day I think about eating , not eating, wanting to eat...my weight....its exhausting...I just want to fkn eat already....