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I need some advice



New member
Apr 21, 2021
Hey everyone,
I am new here. I have a problem with a friend/teacher from school and I really need some advice.
It all started last year. I was taking chemistry. It was awful because I hated the teacher. I ended up dropping chemistry second semester. The teacher was really sweet and told me that if I dropped the class, then I had stop in and say hi every once in a while. I ended up loving this teacher, but for some reason, I always get really nervous before I go and see her. I have no reason not to trust her and yet I still don't. The pandemic changed our relationship. There have been times when she has been too busy to talk to me and it always upsets me because I get so worked up about talking to her. She is literally the kindest person that I know and while I am talking to her, I feel great. I am always sad when the conversation is over.
I stopped in her classroom today and was busy. I was super upset because I was really anxious beforehand. I left and started crying. Should I stop talking to her or should I keep talking to her?


Well-known member
Feb 6, 2019
Keep trying to talk to her. Covid has especially made us all numb. Please don't take it personally if she doesn't spend the time with you that you need. I have gotten better, but still very much struggle with this myself. I need to be comfortable with what time people give me. People will turn their back if you need them for more than they can give. That might not feel fair, but that is the way it works. Hang out in this forum more and see if that helps? Next time you approach this teacher, bring her a coffee, or a gift card for a coffee. Tell her you appreciate what she has done for you. Don't sound needy, just appreciative. I spent a few years as a college teacher. It meant the world to me when a student honestly thanked me for my effort.

If she has moved on from you. Don't take it personally. Because nothing good comes from you being hard on yourself.