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I need help



New member
Oct 7, 2008

I'm very unhappy. I'm always stressed or depressed. I've seen counselors and psychotherapists. It seems I'm just always in fear ya know? I'm 26, male, work in the finance field (have a degree), but I'm so hard on myself. It's so draining and utterly sad and so depressing to walk around like this all the time. I try and fight it as much as I can and to loosen up but I take work and what everyone says so seriously...the rare time I'll be myself and laugh about anything...but it's been rare lately...if there are some of you who feel this way too I feel for you...worrying about what you have to do tomorrow or what's been done today...it gets so depressing.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I truly appreciate it.


Oct 8, 2008
South Africa
Hey Mate, My name is Eric, and I'm 33.

before I was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder I felt the same way.(I still do sometimes). The stress and pressure of a professional environment can be very taxing on someone, and I'm sure that a lot of people feel similar to the way you do. If your depression is an all consuming thing, maybe you should consider seeing a psychiatrist, and relaying your fears to them. They will be able to put you on the right course, medicate you if necessary, and then you'll be able to see if the anxiety relents.
This is just my opinion, but after being diagnosed, it was like a light had gone on - I now understood why I felt the way I did.
I hope you come right Mate, and that this forum and others can help you find what you need.



That kinda just about says it[/ all eric before I had medication I used to worry about every last detail now all I do is forget everything.COLOR]


Hi mfrasc and welcome

I was wondering if the constant worrying, was causing you sleepless nights


Dec 1, 2008
It seems I'm just always in fear ya know?
I try and fight it as much as I can and to loosen up but I take work [...] so seriously...
I feel just like that, only I don't have a degree yet. It's so hard to concentrate on schoolwork or to even feel motivated, when all you can focus on is the probability of failing--despite being top of my class.

Just convincing myself to get out of bed in the morning (more often the afternoon) is so draining I barely get any work done.
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