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i need help plz



New member
Jan 28, 2009
hi im helen, i just joined today. im worried as my mental health is getting worse, a few years ago i was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder but im now having new problems. i am very paranoid i hear voices tellin me to hurt people i, i feel like everyone is out to get me and can put thoughts in my head everytime i go out, i feel that my thoughts can sumtimes be heard by others and i am even suspicious of my own family. i hate going out and i feel despairin and suicidal. i have sick thoughts too that i do not think on purpose and i talk to myself. it is beginnin to really annoy my boyfreind. i have written to a doctor about this but she has not replied yet and i need support. please reply thanks


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Sep 22, 2008
Hi Bleedinglove and :welcome:,

If it's urgent maybe you need to make an appointment.....you could take a letter along with you if you find it difficult to talk?

Everyone's really supportive here so I hope you find this a cozy and safe place to be.

Sending you a hug.



I think you should visit your doctor. They won't necessarily reply to your letter. They may just keep it in your file. If you go to your GP at least you'll be able to listen to someone telling you what they think. A reply to a letter will probably be asking you to make an appointment.


welcome to the forum
i agree you need to see your gp in regards to getting reassessed, or review your meds. out of interrest, other than meds what other therapy are you offered or doing?


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Apr 22, 2008
Hello and :welcome: to the forum.

Please do see your g.p for a reassement.

quality factor

Hi there and :welcome:
I feel the same as other members ,do make time
to see your GP or approach your local community mental health team
who should assess your needs and provide advise.
Take care.
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