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I need help:( help me make sense of this



New member
Sep 7, 2009
no one else will help there like theres nothing wrong but i know my self there is your not supposed to feel like this

I have these periods of Mania and Depression im either really high or really low but they don’t last long maybe a few hours a few times a week

I have things wrong with me that i know arnt aspergers i know what is and what isn’t and what i feel isn’t aspergers
I have some hallucinations where i will hear things but no one else hears them when i was younger i always used to hear people calling out like saying my name and i sometimes see slight things like out of the corner of my eye like one night when i was young i could hear this person saying my name but no one else could hear it

I have delusions quite a lot at the younger stages in my life i thought i was a lot of things i thought i was like buffy the vampire slayer i used to think i was a watcher haha then when i was older i thought i was a witch i looked deeper into it and dragged myself even deeper and deeper and then a few months ago i got so obsessed with vampires i thought i was one the same as the whole witch thing the witch thing got pretty deep like i thought i was and no one could tell me i wasn’t
Another one was i don’t think i was was asleep because it felt soooooo real i was lying in bed and there was this woman sitting on my chest of drawers and things happend i can’t remember what but i do remember i was sooo scared that i couldn’t even move i was about 4 or 5 at the time

I get sooo paranoid sometimes it’s unbelievable i sometimes start to think the whole world is out to get me and people hate me when they obviously don’t then i start to accuse them of thing they haven’t even done anything it was me just being paranoid i loose people over this
I tend to hate on myself for thing and then people hate me talking about it

Other times i get sooo depressed by one little thing and then i cant get out of it and it hurts and it like sometimes wears off but sometimes doesnt

mad as a hatter

Well-known member
Jul 23, 2008
maybe u should go c ur gp and explain how ur feeling


New member
Sep 7, 2009
yeah he knows nothing
hes nice and all but he doesnt understand


Active member
Sep 28, 2009
I found it easier to actually write the symptoms down for the doctor to see, they put my notes in my file. If you can explain to them in a language they understand it makes it easier for everyone. Also put the ages you experianced the problems. E.g.

Hearing voices - Age .......... untill................

Hope this helps

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