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I need help and advice for my Mother


Destination Moon

My Mother got punched in the head by my uncle a couple of years back. She keeps on getting confused and forgetful all the time. She went to see a doctor last year about it and the doctor told me her mind is not good. We were supposed to be looking for a new house to get away from my uncle and these horrible neighbours that have been mean with me. But I feel it is becoming too much with my Mother as she is now excessively nagging a lot and going on about money to rent housing. I feel this is getting too much and I am finding it more difficult to handle. I feel her mind is getting worse.

A few of my relatives don't seem to be right in the head and the neighbours included. I don't know what it is with people.


May 30, 2020
Your mother nagging is a sign that things are becoming a little bit too much for her too. Considering that fact that she received a head injury due to your uncle, her perception of things may seeming never-ending in her world. What I would suggest you do is reassure her, let her know she isn't alone and that things are falling into place. This will calm the nagging down. Be patient with her as she just as anxious as you are to leave that toxic environment. I know it's very stressful for you and her right now, but to ease her and yourself, just keep her encouraged which in turn will encourage you. Know things will get better and this situation isn't permanent. Trust the process.
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