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I need advice to get my brother help



New member
Jan 20, 2020
Hi group, my brother has what I suspect may be bipolar disorder. He lived in BC for ten years and a few days ago had a bad trip on mushrooms and a complete psychotic episode, prompting me to fly out there to move him back home with my family. He was obviously much worse during the psychotic episode but once I started researching his symptoms, I realize that he had them in milder forms for the past couple of years when I would see him. They have just really come to the forefront the past couple of months (probably magnified hugely by the mushrooms)

He needs a psychiatric assessment and we suspect he has bipolar disorder including constant streams of talking with mania, unaware of what is appropriate conversation, lack of sleep, and constant delusions of grandeur - mostly about how he knows the cures for all diseases / he knows whats best for everyone in every situation. The issue is that he's always been extremely resistant, mentally, to drugs and doctors and treatment. I can't see any way of ever getting him to come to a psychiatrist. It is difficult to have any reasonable conversation with him about anything let alone medication. The mention of any ideas contrary to what he believes prompts him walking out. We know not to argue with him, but right now there are no conversations with him. He just talks at you and shuts the conversation down. Can anyone suggest strategies to work with this?


New member
Jan 20, 2020
He has also had a long standing substance abuse problem with marijuana. I'm not sure if that's making the problem worse, but right now he does seem to sleep better when he smokes. Without it (he claims) he can be up for hours at night talking to himself. He is totally aware that he talks constantly to himself and he is also aware that other people find him annoying and sometimes tries to censor himself. He also knows that "the mushrooms really messed me up". But that doesn't change the fact that he has "180 IQ and knows more than all the doctors" so he wont see one.
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