I may have no future, but that's actually OK



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May 24, 2018
It finally occurred to me what my problem is. 80% of success is showing up. I don't show up. I don't suffer defeat, I simply never set foot on the battlefield. And, ultimately, it's because I don't want to. Deep, deep down, I just resent it. Better the pain you know than the pain you don't. The pain intertwined with passive resignation seems eminently better than the pain intertwined with active failure.

I may thus have no future, in terms of 'noteworthy' goals I'm likely to achieve, but that's actually OK. I am at peace. At least for the next ~16 minutes. After that, it's probably back to the regularly scheduled feelings of despair. As is my wont.


I plan for my future and set out to achieve my plans and I ALWAYS fail! I don't know why? It is very angering and distressing. But maybe I should write a list of things I accomplished if anything at all? :unsure:

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