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I managed to locate free Counselling today,



I have felt really off balance lately and was unable to keep my appointments due to feeling a little worried. I will run out of medication at the weekend and they will not prescribe unless they see me. I have now made a GP appointment next week. I have felt so worthless and felt that any meetings would reinforce these feelings and when unwell it gets oh so complicated. :low:

Today I came across a Counselling service that is totally independent and used to be part of MIND. It is run by volunteers and they only require a donation. It is also not time limited. Not too far to travel either. A possible 6 week waiting list so not too bad although if I start to feel well it may change things but I will try not to cancel.

There are so many Counsellors and Therapists but the majority is not affordable to me.



Well-known member
Aug 17, 2012
The West Country
I'm pleased you've managed to locate some free counselling.
It's certainly not easy to come by and a lot of private counsellors are very expensive. I'm quite lucky that my counsellor offers low-income slots.

When are you due to see your GP? I hope the appointment goes well for you.