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I made a friend on here



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Oct 31, 2009
I recently made a friend on here, they sent me a friend request and we chatted by PM and arranged to chat via an instant messenger tool.

I told my girlfriend about the friend I made who happens to be female and she got quite jealous and upset, partly due to the way I have behaved when I was a total drunk.

As a result I decided to remove this lady from contact on messenger list to save me an ear bending and my GF any distress.

Its a shame because I'd like to expand my social network away from the drunks and losers I used to hang around with even if its only though electronic communication.

For my friend please don't think its anything you have done and said, you are a nice and intelligent person, I just hope I haven't insulted you through my actions.


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May 3, 2010
East Yorkshire
I think that you need to reassure your GF that you do nothave of those desires but that it helps to talk to people who understand what you are going through? Maybe show her the forum and she will clearly see it is hardly a place for picking up women lol! but just a place for people to support each other!!

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