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I love computers



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Feb 3, 2020
London, Uk
When I got heavy into technology. I remembered that I designed and developed time travel.

I am speechless.

Well. Life goes on.

I am a family guy. Dealing with adults that are worse than my children.

Too funny.

I don't even get mad anymore.

I am socially awkward because people don't understand me. So. Whatever. I have decided to order as much online as needed to survive in this matrix simulation.

Just to avoid people sometimes... I swear.

Well. As I am writing here. I have a funny movie playing.

Today was a long day. I am happy I found this movie.

I watched half a few days ago. Tonight. I can finish it. Then get great sleep..

Tomorrow. The first wave of temporary inhabitants land on my home planet...

Armageddon is scheduled for Saturday.

I do not plan to attend.

Too much family drama.

Plus my relatives only want free financial advice.

Nah.... Not on that program any more..

God Bless..... From far, far, far,far away..