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I live, but I still feel it...



Jan 22, 2015
Hi guys. I've been medicated for a couple years now, but... sometimes I still feel the ups and downs. I know they'd be a lot worse without the meds, but I still feel it. Cananyone empathise?
Lucid Dreamer

Lucid Dreamer

Active member
Jan 18, 2015
Tigard, Oregon
Hi guys. I've been medicated for a couple years now, but... sometimes I still feel the ups and downs. I know they'd be a lot worse without the meds, but I still feel it. Cananyone empathise?
Yes, I can empathize with you. I have been on meds for years and I still feel those ups and downs. More downs than ups for me and it is starting to affect my life with my partner and my kids.

I wish I knew what would work so I did not have to deal with those ups and downs or something that would make them more bearable besides adding more meds.
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