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i keep having terrible anxiety about existing



New member
Dec 19, 2018
sometimes its a lot less, usually during the day, but when night comes i have awful anxiety about the fact i exist, time is moving and unstoppable and that one day i will not exist
i know it wont be for a long time, but when i think about that i think about how a few months ago, i didnt think december would be here so fast and now it is, and im worried about being old and being like that
i dont think i will be, im still very young, but im scared about it still and i dont know how to get over it, cause i know its true

(sorry about just going on im just freaking out a lil is all)


Dec 20, 2018
I'm kinda the opposite of this as I've thought to myself that I should have never been born, as the only thing I see worth living for is entertainment.
But in your case, I'd say you're overthinking which in turn is causing you to become stressed out.
10 Simple Ways You Can Stop Yourself From Overthinking | Inc.com
This could help anytime you start overthinking about depressing subject matters or like me do something you enjoy to distract you. (which doesn't always help though)