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I just want out already



Well-known member
Mar 31, 2019
South Carolina
My life has been shit for nearly a decade at this point. Since January 2011, I’ve had to endure more bullshit than a human being can handle and now even to this day my fucked up situation continues. Let me give you a quick rundown.

-my mom is an abusive ****.

-my mom quit her job and is now living off my disability money while I get none of it as it all goes to her bank account so she can spend it all on herself.

-my mom is an unmarried mother of three illegitimate children from three different sperm donors catlady who lives with her mom and dad and is almost 40 now (born in ’79).

-my mom treats me like a disposable fashion accessory that went out of style years ago instead of like a son and favors her latest addition to the gene pool who happens to be an uncontrollable screaming brat who does shit deliberately to piss me off and hides behind my mom because he knows she’ll let him get away with it and will always yell at me for coming at him because he broke something of mine, keeps following me around and staring at me, screaming so loud that I can hear him from a block away all the while he’s almost 10 years old now and they never do their jobs at parenting him.

-I tried applying for college but they called that off behind my back.

-I tried getting a job at multiple places but either they never took me for the application under various different excuses or even if I did get an application, they never called or emailed me back.

-I’ve only ever worked one job for one day and that was at some farm picking peanuts out in a field in the hot ass sun all day and only came out with $10 after countless hours of backbreaking work.

-they apparently seem to have a problem with me having money, but yet bitch every time I have to ask them for something all the while telling me I’m not grateful enough (my boomer grandparents tell me this). They once even told me that I’m not allowed to even have money (my mom).

-I had to spend all of my birthday money on my mom and my friend who came over for beer, snacks and other junk food/cigarettes, all because my mom was too cheap to use my own fucking disability money to pay for it.

-they’ve got a new puppy chihuahua that I fucking hate with a fiery passion that has shit in my bedroom, pissed on the rug, vomited on the tables, and will eat your food when you’re not looking and they still haven’t gotten rid of it or the other dozens of cats and dogs that live outside because they keep feeding them since they’re cat ladies.

-everybody that I live with bitches at me constantly every single day, usually over stupid bullshit that doesn’t make any sense, like for example, my grandmother once bitched at me for going through the kitchen one way and coming out the other, they’ve also bitched at me over other weird, stupid shit too, like swallowing too hard when I drink because I was thirsty, taking too many showers, and complaining that I have to constantly walk over the barricades put in the halls to prevent my uncles stupid toddler from getting into the hallways and kitchen.

-I am constantly depressed and miserable now and have been for eight years, to the point of developing major depression and Schizoaffective Disorder

-I’m in my early 20s now but they still treat me like a toddler, as though I have no rights as an adult.

>I feel like killing all of them every single day because of how much I hate them but I don’t want to go to prison for the rest of my life either, and even if I were to so much as hit my mom, she would tell my dad who would then beat my ass, even though neither I nor her have anything to do with anymore and haven’t for over a decade now.

-I can’t escape them because I don’t have a car, any friends/girlfriends, and no family members who have any room to move me in with them and even if I were to walk off, I would still have nowhere to go, because I live out in the country and the people here probably think I’m crazy, if not outright hate me

-I get yelled at constantly

>I’ve called 911 twice recently in order to have myself committed just to get away from them because there’s nowhere else for me to go. The first time some police showed up and they had called some crisis counselor guy who scheduled an appointment for me (to which they never took me) and the second time I asked them to bring an ambulance after crying for hours and they put me in there for not even a day before I was discharged after having to wait for three hours for my Medicaid transport to arrive.

-I’ve called the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline hundreds of times in the past few months because of how much mental distress and anger I’ve been in recently and hundreds more in the previous years.

-I’m currently planning on moving out into these apartments at this counseling service place, but the woman who owns the place is on maternity leave and has been on maternity leave for several months now (possibly a year it seems) and she’s taking way too long to help me get out when my desire to get out is urgent.

And that is what’s been going on with me lately. That’s not even counting the almost decades worth of shit she’s done and said to me to make my life miserable. I want to get out so desperately. I can’t even think about them without flying into bouts of extreme, uncontrollable rage, much less have to live around them everyday and see their faces and hear their annoying ass voices every day. I want this nightmare to end.

Does anyone know of anything I can do? Why is this even legal?


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Founding Member
Dec 16, 2007
hiding behind the sofa
Can I ask who is dealing with your MH issues. Do you have a CPN that you can tell this to. It’s sounds as if your really struggling. I know it’s different treatment as your in a different country, but do you have access to a social worker, they are usually pretty good at sorting problems like this out.
You need to get yourself a bank account and get the disability money changed to your account. Your mum can’t do anything about it because it is your money not hers. Then you need to find yourself somewhere to live. It sounds a very toxic environment and you need to get away from it. Then get yourself into college and aim for a job


Well-known member
Oct 8, 2016
Mate, I'd recommend just ditching. Since you're above 18, you should be able to cancel the connection between your money and her account. As the original owner of that money you can have it flow into a different account, or change your password. Then take everything you own and a little more, and ditch without a word. She can't take your money or time. The most important thing is that you take away your mother's rights to your money and decisions. Then leave.