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I just can't talk - help



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Feb 27, 2010
Can't stop crying. :cry:

Thinking about my failure of a day. (see diary)

I hate myself so much. My mind keeps drifting back to the dinning table and i can see myself sitting there failing to do most basic of tasks - communicate. In my mind they are laughing at me (didn't happen in reality) as I struggle to say words. I am a baby unable to talk. I can see my inner child sitting on the floor sucking her thumb she seems at peace not saying anything. She isn't troubled by being unable to talk.

I suppose as an adult you are expected to communicate.

If I try and see me talking, I see me stuttering and failing to come up with basic vocabulary. People are correcting me all the time and I feel embarrassed and frustrated at having my words corrected all the time.

How can I learn to communicate better? I struggle more with group but even in a 1 to 1 I can become unable to respond. My mind just freezes and I can't think of how to express my own opinion.

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argh, I really know this feeling :hug:
For me it feels like part of my brain switches off when I am around anyone apart from my boyfriend.. and i am the same, everything is mixed up and swirling around in my mind, a simple sentence becomes a challenge to me- I don't feel much control over what's coming out of my mouth. Breathing and ctb techniques, also other things such as mindfullness are helping me at the moment, not exactly to stop the stuttering or blanks but to control how much pain and anguish circles around my mind after the situations, working on reducing the imprint these little things leave on me. Then I can find that the anxiety reduces that way...
It is honestly never as bad as you or I imagine, although I know that alone is not enough to help.. you just have to keep trying things to see what works for you.

best of luck,

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