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I heard voices with a spiritual teaching



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Sep 21, 2017
They told me to take the invisible seriously and get out of my incarnations cycles by correcting myself. Also they told me to be one within / and outside.

They told me we are all part of a spiritual war against an evil force that is trying to eat our soul's substance from us, it does that by making us repeating everything, instead of something "keeping it up!", and that we are part of this war as a (positive) collective. The force somehow is trying to do description and write everything about us and that is why we are getting vivified to avoid our thoughts to be written in a book. Everything that is written has to be answered at some point.

They told me to look up at life with poor's eyes and to have gratitude and kindness, instead of perceiving myself as legitimately worthy of everything.

They told me to develop clairvoyance on how humans are so much driven based on listening to one's desires.

finally they told me to perceive everything, life and reality, as something global, looking even at events as an aspect of a creation from minds, in a whole global conscious energy. with examples: someone getting your point would give you priority on road, or maybe, if you'd need to think twice about something and get stopped then that would explain the why your subway has marked a pause.

It's essentialy something funny while dead serious, bringing me back to the "meeting", the encounter of others and myself, for eternity, like i never had seen previous to this experience (think of Rumi, persian artist) . Oh and apart this new knowledge (not based on observation from the flesh senses) also that it exist a garden and a better way of existence that last forever, because the evil force try to write everything about us and we fight it, we find ourselves in its positive aspect (everything would be duable) with knowledges on basically everything, seeing in past and foreseeing events and deepest thoughts of anyone, being all God's "lost" childs.

So yeah basically that was what they told me to do, to pay respect and considerations to their teaching and understand the scope, for me and my life, and for all the others seeking it without knowing what it is!!

I am considering it, and does not grant credit to the genetic affection theory, or the micro-implant theory, yay! If you get me!


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Sep 21, 2017
That the not possible stuff are possible with a bit of faith, to follow my dreams, to not see things as "wouldn't happens".


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Sep 21, 2017
Well I need to add a lot of things to that description.

While I described some of the beauty that need to be explained to those who say that hearing voice is a sickness and not a things, I would like to point out that it's an internal process which guide you thru negativity and resilience and it should only awake you like in living a better life. Fighting and foreseeing into the material of humanity should not look like a bliss or a beatitude but rather more akeen to our true nature and hence much more lucid.

I would like to point that out for people of this forum that otherwise might have felt like something is missing.
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