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I hear voicea

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Alfredoagainst the voices

Mar 29, 2021
I have been hearing voices for 3 years now or so there is about 12 sometimes more there are some in Spanish English I am 39 years old live in Colorado Denver would like to know if anyone knows if it is witchcraft or mental?? What are peoples opinions?? I read a book by John Ramirez I’m an atheist but he claims to have summoned demons and astral planned to watch people and make them think they have schizophrenia etc would like to know from people who hear voices what they believe the voices come from???


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May 6, 2017
I've been hearing a singular voice for five years and I've come to a conclusion about it.

I believe 'he' shares my brain with me, we're two minds occupying the same body. A book I read claims a small group of neurologists back in the 1960's discovered that our mind exists in the left hemisphere of the brain and our 'voice' exists in the right hemisphere.

A strong indicator for this 'duality' for me was when my voice stole control of my body when my brain chemistry was in a certain way (massive amounts of Dopamine in my system), his electrical signals could override my own and it was like I was possessed so this is where I believe ideas like demonic possession come from.

It also seems very common for a voice to try and pass itself off as multiple personalities, mine tried in the early days but later when I accused him of being singular he came clean about it.

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