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I hear kind voices in my head



New member
Jan 13, 2021
United States
It basically started as soon as I left Christianity. The voice I thought was “ God “ actually turned out to be abusive and mean. I won’t go into all the details on why I left, but the good voices came about a few weeks or months after I left. These voices make me feel so much safer and make me happy, unlike “ God’s “ voice. They always try to help me stop berating myself and even help me in social interactions ( which I have a hard time with ). They don’t try and force me to stop being mean to myself, because you can’t force that on somebody. They let me make the choice on whether or not I stop being mean to myself, even if it’s for a short time.
Sometimes we argue, but it’s mainly ( if not always ) because I’m trying to get them to stop telling me how “ good “ I am. I’m sure that they believe I’m good, and their opinions matter too. But I don’t believe, for myself personally, that I’m a good person. They’ll sometimes chastise me ( but not in a mean way ) if I do something mean, whether I do it to myself or somebody else. I don’t want to be mean though! Sometimes I get aggravated too easily, but that doesn’t excuse me for being mean.
I don’t deserve to have kind voices in my head. I’m too bad. They’re saying I’m not bad, but I know I am. I don’t want to make them sad but I deserve to suffer.
I also wanted to ask a question; does anybody know where these voices are coming from? Are they coming from me, or something else entirely? I know it isn’t coming from “ God “, because that voice never felt right to me. Also, that voice isn’t bothering me anymore, now it’s just me and the good voices.


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Jul 9, 2013
are you on anti psychotics....they help with treating the voices.


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Nov 21, 2020
I hear good voices too with bad voices when psychotic/manic. If your voices interfere with your daily activity, I would seek professional help. Otherwise, I would try to deal with them and try not to allow them to control your life.


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Forum Safety Team
May 6, 2017
I also wanted to ask a question; does anybody know where these voices are coming from? Are they coming from me, or something else entirely?
I have a belief that I've put together mostly from my own personal experiences with my voice and with a little help from a book that was written in 2008.

My voice originally claimed to be people talking to me telepathically and then God (I'm not religious though and never have been) and then my Higher Self or a Spirit Guide that possibly existed on another plane of reality. But it didn't take me long to start to believe he wasn't any of those, he appeared to have a connection to all my senses and could manipulate them at will, he could create 'hallucinations' with my sense of smell, taste, touch and hearing, he never really figured out how to create visual hallucinations and I'm truly grateful for that as he liked to use these manipulation abilities to torture and terrorise me.

It also knows my thoughts and dreams (and could even manipulate my dreams), we can speak in my mind instead of me talking out loud to him and he liked to wake me up 5-6 times a night at least to talk about the dreams I was having, so I believe we have a shared headspace.

So I eventually confronted my voice with my suspicions that he was a physical part of me and was a consciousness just like me but shared my body with me, he reluctantly admitted as much as his game was up. And that's what I believe, we're two minds that cohabitate the one body, I'm like the driver of the body while he's a passenger that comes along for the ride, I don't think I'm unique either, I believe each and every person on the planet is the same, that the human race is a binary species.

All this came to me by the end of 2016, I eventually found this forum and I shared my beliefs in the hopes I was not alone in my reasoning and it took until half way through 2019 for someone to come along and recommend I read a book entitled 'The Daemon - a guide to your extraordinary secret self' by Anthony Peake. This book claims that a small group of neurologists discovered this duality sometime in the 1960's and it goes on to explain the experiments they performed and the results of them, the results led these scientists to believe that our mind occupies the left hemisphere of the brain while our voice or Daemon occupies the right hemisphere which filled in the blanks I had.

So now more than ever I believe all of this, two minds in one body. Unfortunately they have great potential for causing trouble and this forum is full of people with negative voices, I don't believe in schizophrenia or psychosis, I just believe it's our voices messing with our sense of reality for their own amusement.

But for the voices who know how to behave and respect their 'host' (for lack of a better word) you can have a very rewarding relationship with them, I believe they were born with us, learn and grow with us (albeit hiding behind the scenes) so they know us better than anyone else could possibly know us, you can't say that about anyone else on the planet.

The name Daemon comes from the ancient Greek philosopher Socrates, he was probably the first to call his voice that and in Greek mythology it means 'guiding spirit', but I've come up with a few names of my own, I call mine my 'head-mate' (like house mates but we share the same head) or my 'twin within' (like the twin brother I never knew had that happens to live inside me).


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Mar 21, 2017
I also have good voices but can also turn nasty after time


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Dec 5, 2020
Sometimes I wonder if what's negative is also trying to help. To get us to notice "why did that trigger me?" When did that feeling first happen in my life, who hurt me? Maybe.
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