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I haven't a clue.



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Jan 8, 2009
Hey everyone.
well, im 16 years old and male.
My grand dad had severe OCD which is obviously been passed down to me and my sister. she has also, along with OCD, suffered depression. I on the other hand, developed tourettes syndrome, aswell as OCD, and have also been subject to what i was told as, intrusive thoughts. i used to want to jump off a balcony or car park if i looked over the edge, or step infront of a passing bus etc. and i have also heard voices on occassion, but that was a while ago.

But recently, I've been feeling different. worthless perhaps. out of place. i've been eating a alot more recently, i've put on over a stone of weight. i'm getting irritable, and overall lethargicness.

but the strangest thing is, i've been obsessed with the idea of actually killing someone. well it's not even someone, it's like a lot of people in my school. for no reason. i visualise what i could do, how i would do it.

but the thing is, this has just come across in the past 3 months, although, about 3 years ago, i found myself actually planning on kidnapping someone i knew (it was a friend) and killing them on several occassions.

I'm not ashamed by these thoughts though. i'm quite intrigued by it.

sorry if i come off as an extremely mad man, but i would love to hear someones take on this.



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Apr 4, 2008
You are only 16 and have had to deal with a lot of medical problems from what you have said.There are lots off challenges in life when you are 16 and you may need some extra support . To you get help from the mental health services for young people as maybe you would benefit.