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I have suicidal thoughts because of how I look


New member
Jul 14, 2020
United Kingdom
I'm a 28 year old man and I have had suicidal thoughts because of being skinny and having a small body frame in general, plus I still look like I could be 18 years old (good thing or bad thing?). Have had to deal with people that judge me and say things about me usually behind my back but loud enough for me to hear. I never have felt like other people ever and all I want is to be able to do what other people do and take for granted everyday. Just even being able to go to my local park without having social anxiety and feeling paranoid that everyone is watching me or laughing about how I look. It upsets me so much and I've been on anti depressants but stopped as I don't want to become dependant on them. I don't know what to do, feels like nobody understands me or can help me. I'm sick and tired of being like this and having these problems and starting to hate people because of how some have treated me. Please any help or advice not sure where else to turn.


Well-known member
Sep 21, 2019
West Midlands
Every one is different I’ve met beautiful people that like themselves things I don’t like about myself Know one is perfect you feel how you feel and that’s okay just be you 😘


Jun 30, 2020
I feel you.......I've been struggling with body image issues since as long as I can remember. Sometimes you just wanna be like everyone else but thing is that we're not the same. And you can't "look like everyone else" when the masses who mock us themselves look different. They're miserable, they think that making fun of us can give them a feeling of superiority when it just shows how foul and rotten they are. I think realizing how those who bully us and who we want to please so much are corrupt may help us in coming at peace with how we look. Try to study how people work and how much society pressures all of us to stick to certain ideals. Really there's nothing wrong with you. You are absolutely perfect the way you are. No flaw, no nothing. This is your body and you have no control over that fact!!!! People are ridiculing themselves it's crazy. Please talk this issue out with a professional?💗 It takes time and guidance to not care anymore but I believe you can do it. And while you can't change your body (which is amazing because that makes you who YOU ARE!!!🧡) you can change your mindset. People will always be dumb and learning to see through their behaviour can help a lot because at the end......they're just brainwashed when u think of it....


Well-known member
Aug 14, 2018
Remember that you were uniquely created. Remember that you were created to be happy. Try to eat a little bit more to gain weight. Also do an exercise that will make you feel better. Gaining weight will take effect about a month or so. Be patient with yourself. Do not think about what others negatively say about you. Fill your mind with good and happy thoughts. Listen to good music. Music is therapeutic.

I listen to these songs in youtube:

Fearless by Jasmine Murray
Overcomer by Mandisa
Good morninng by Mandisa
I Believe I Can Fly by R Kelly
Don't worry be happy by Bob Marley

Listen to these songs daily or as needed.

Remember you were made to be strong. You were born to be courageous.


Jan 7, 2020
It's interesting...if I saw you I would probably be extremely jealous of your body. I struggled (and sometimes still do) with body image issues, I am transgender...but honestly somehow I stopped full on hating my body before I even started transitioning...for me I had to change my mindset,..I started doing yoga and Pilates and realized how much I need to appreciate my body and what it does for me..and I had to accept that I will never look like the image of myself I had in my head. I had to accept the things I can't change and work to change whatever I can to make myself more comfortable in my vessel...you never know who could see your body and be jealous or attracted to it. I don't say this to minimize your experience, but to say physical looks are not objectively bad..though I know it may not even matter at all to you if other people like your body, it really has to be a change in your mindset, I think...it's not easy I know mate...but try to take care of yourself 🙏
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