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I have some kind of social anxiety (help)



New member
Jun 8, 2021
Hello, my name is David. I am currently 19 years old. I am a student and I’m struggling with some kind of social anxiety.
My hobbies are playing basketball and playing video games. I’m still a virgin.
After 4th grade, I moved to another state. I had no friends. Maybe I had 1 or 2 guys I hung out with at school. However, we did not have a good friendship. I was chubby and my clothes were cheap and scruffy. Since I had no self-esteem, I felt more like an outsider. During the school break, I always sat around on a bench and hoped that the next lesson would start again quickly so that I can get home as soon as possible to play the rest of the day. Since then I've skipped school over and over again. Unfortunately, that has lasted to this day. My mother even had to pay money because I skipped too often. I haven't had a father figure in my life since I was born. He left my mother because I was born. He said to my mother: “if you give birth, I'll leave you”. My mother always tried to get me to go to school again, but she was just too nice. She wasn't the type of person that she would have hit me. Time passed and I got older. I had to repeat a school year and even failed to graduate. I had to do one more school year afterwards so that I could still get my degree. I am currently doing my secondary school diploma. I'm about to throw the whole thing away again. Because of skipping school. The main reason is the acne on my face. It makes me feel very weak and I don't have any self-confidence as a result. I have had this acne for a couple of years. Sometimes I'm in the bathroom and squeeze out my pimples in the mirror. After that, my face turns completely red and the pimples become infected. It is a doom-loop. I always think when I squeeze the pimples that they just go away because I've pushed the inside out. Through all of this experience, I think I have developed some kind of social anxiety. I have never been to a therapist because I think my problems are not worth making an appointment with the therapist. Since this whole thing has influenced my life for a long time, I already think that the time has come to make an appointment. But I don't dare to go alone. I need help. If my life goes on like this, I won't get a good job later and I will regret not having made anything of myself.


Active member
May 25, 2021
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So sorry to hear that my friend. I think you have the right idea though, when you said that it was time to make an appointment with the therapist. Why don't you try that first, and see how you get on? As for the acne, there are some really good products that work well. If you feel up to it, perhaps take a trip to the Doc and see if they can recommend something. On the plus side, we all have to wear face masks now, so if you are having low self confidence day, you can put the mask on. Hey hey! Incognito! 😷😉
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