I have Scoptophobia and can't focus one thing



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Feb 14, 2018
Hi i from south korea and i am 19 years old

I have Scoptophobia(hard to see eyes) since 15 years old...

And i have another phobia but.. i can not understand and very unknown...

First Symptom is can not focus one thing.

When i see the book i really care side in my eye sight

in school when i read book but i really care class partner leg and desk

and in the home when i eat breakfast and launch and dinner with family i very very care side in my eye sight

can not focus one thing....

and they feels very uncomfortable

so when i go to Ophthalmology but doctor say have not any problem...

now always care side(left and right both) first i care human in the side

but now i always care and Nearby objects also very care in my eye sight...

other human see me and think i sidelong glance... but my eye toward is middle

What is this phobia ?


Sorry I don't understand what you are saying. But I hope you get better.