I have pocd & other ocd themes im hearing voices to do with my pocd.



Feb 2, 2019
United kingdom
I had a bad relapse 2 years ago but now i hear people outside my building everyday talking about me & calling me names to do with my pocd as they walk past.and my neagbors below talking about me faintly again to do with my pocd at night and in the mornings.I beleave the neagbors are talking about me and people outside my building.Ive also been sensing im being followed and watched since coming out of hospital.its became so bad i suspect most people while outside.I also stare at cars and people coming towards me because im terrified.

I only feel calm when i have my headphones on listening to the tv.i havent been out since before christmas and that was only to the nearest shop once a day.And i can only get out on a pushbike its been this way for 15 years.

Do i have schizophrenia ive asked my cpn and the cmht doctor and they say i dont.

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