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I have numerous fear; the ones I want to overcome is puppies and the police.



New member
Oct 6, 2019
Hello all, I have a lot of fears; death is one of them. I want to explain how I feared puppies though. I remember around a kid, I would laugh and play with the puppies, but I would run away from them and become scared because they would catch up with me and chew on my socks. We got our dog 5 1/4 years ago, and he was a puppy. I love him, but I would run away from him when he got too rough in playing. He would occasionally corner me, even though I tried to get away from him. It's hard to explain since I am not afraid of dogs, but only puppies 2 months old - 2 years old. I will jump when a puppy barks on the other side of the fence, and I often will flinch around puppies. I would occasionally cry when my dog will be rough growling playfully or would growl when he was grumpy, but my parents taught me and my twin sister to not be afraid of him. I'm afraid of the police because they would always be at my Junior High school and my High School, and they looked intimidating. If I had headphones in, I would take them out and my heart would race out of fear. I saw a police car near me when I rode my bike 6 years ago; I thought I did something wrong, so I went really fast when the police car came near me. I really cry a lot when I'm near them and almost get panic attacks. My parents called the police once, and I was crying saying "They're scary, I don't want to come near them!." I am a White female, being scared of the police. The police told me that they're trying to help me, and there is nothing to be afraid of, but I still get very uneasy around them. I also have Generalised Anxiety Disorder just for reference. I think that I would have to visit a police station, in order to overcome fear of the police. I also think I would have to visit a breeder (reputable obviously), humane society, or a breed specific shelter in order to overcome my fear of puppies. I think in both situations I would have to explain my fears, and tell them that I want to overcome them. Thanks for anybody who's reading this; I appreciate it.


Well-known member
Mar 9, 2012
Tigger and Willow's house UK
The puppies thing i agree that spending time at a rescue could help :hug:

i'm uneasy around the cops as well, i dont trust the ones here......
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