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I have issues getting back to my (supported) flat.




For over 3 years, I lived in supported accommodation since I have an autism condition. Anyway, there were issues due to the fact I believe I was deceived in regards to two women that previously supported me. One of the ladies was also my key worker. They were no longer comfortable working with me and their supervisors removed them, and fobbed me off. They knew I was infatuated with them. But I was none too happy once I found out the truth.

After months went by with me feeling rather low and agitated, I eventually wound up jailed for 2 weeks last July. Later on, I was arrested twice more just for saying sorry to the two ladies I offended on Facebook and then I got sent back to jail for more than 2 weeks after my mother fooled me into going into the park across the street where she lives and the police arrived. They were going to come get me anyway. Since I was tired, I had to have a rest, but I was scared to go into the house since I knew they had already been there while I was running scared, obviously looking for to arrest me. And since all this occurred, the court has bailed me to my family's address since 19 September. It was awkward at first having to stay with my mom again after she basically shafted me. It is not the same as being in my own flat either, so it means I feel frustrated at times.

At my last hearing in December, I was so looking forward to just getting this bull crap over and done with for good. Then I found out the case was deferred again until in March and I still cannot go back to my flat, and this is a permanent thing. My own lawyer fobbed me off about it, too. He claimed to have sent a letter before to the landlord who is the agency's assistant director in regards to my tenancy, but he likely never did send that letter to her because I went to see him in his office one time and he just said he was busy, but I knew he was lying. So in all this time I have been sitting on my butt doing nothing while other people have been messing me around, I could have had an appeal posted in ages ago. The council no longer pay rent for the flat because I am not there anymore. I've been trying to gain an advocate to back me up over this mess, but I unfortunately have been added to a waiting list and there are limited options here.

Since I cannot go to the flat or the street any longer, it means getting my possessions and checking for any mail is a problem. Usually, I just call the staff flat and let them know I want to know if any letters or packages have arrived, and ask if I may collect them just up the road if somebody brings them to me. As you can imagine, the situation is very stressful and annoying. The police took my stair keys from me a while ago, to prevent me going there. Since I ended my support as well, it is complicated to get my things and I required a disc at my flat to install my printer on my laptop. Everything else is here including the cables, now I just need the CD.

Please help!
Purple Chaos

Purple Chaos

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Oct 23, 2014
It certainly sounds as though you've been having some major troubles the past few months but I hope that you feel you are coping reasonably well whilst staying with your mum. Sorry to hear that you're having to wait so long for an advocate. Unfortunately I think that this is a common problem; too many needing help and not enough to help, I suppose.

I was just wondering, could your mum not help out regarding getting things from your flat? Surely if she contacted the staff they would giver her access to collect your required possessions?

The printer issue is easily solved - go to the manufacturer's website and click on their support page. You will be able to download all of the software and drivers for your printer and install them without needing the disk.

I hope this helps a little and that you manage to sort things out as soon as possible.

Take care.
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I went on the site regarding the drivers, but they either only had the 64-bit version or the 32 one. I'm not sure which one I needed, meaning it was no good since they had one but not the other.

Yes, my mother has gone there occasionally, but my mom gets kept busy helping my sister due to her custodial battle with her son. Also, the staff do help me with my mail at times, but I felt the relationship with them had really gone downhill and this is why I ended my support. It makes seeing them again a bit like 'the bad memories come flooding back' type of scenario I had gotten angry over. In fact, I called the boss to talk to him and he seemed fully uninterested in the fact my life was ruined. Yeah, screw him too. :(
Purple Chaos

Purple Chaos

Well-known member
Oct 23, 2014
Oh dear. Not so good :( I really don't know what else to suggest then.

I can help with the printer drivers though... (my tech skills are somewhat better than my people skills, I guess)

To find out if your running a 64 or 32 bit Operating system:

Click start, right click on 'computer' then click on 'properties'. Under 'system' you should be able to see 64-bit or 32-bit next to the system type. This will let you know which drivers to download.

Any questions, just ask. Good luck!


Here are two emails I sent to the director earlier, because he angered me. You can see that I've censored my cussing. And I don't think there was anything unfair about this outburst on my end either. It was long overdue.

From: rubyjadesapphire <rubyjadesapphire[at]aol.co.uk>
To: Richard.Ibbotson <Richard.Ibbotson[at]aiscotland.org.uk>
Subject: Re: phone call
Date: Thu, 8 Jan 2015 23:35
This is total BS, by the way. Your ****ing company lied and I lost "3" great support workers that meant more to me than you can imagine. 3 of them! I had my life ruined, permanently. No-one gives a flying **** anymore! Who gives a **** about traitors that don't even bother coming to court to back me up?


Away with you...

-----Original Message-----
From: Richard Ibbotson <Richard.Ibbotson[at]aiscotland.org.uk>
To: rubyjadesapphire (rubyjadesapphire[at]aol.co.uk) <rubyjadesapphire[at]aol.co.uk>
Sent: Thu, 8 Jan 2015 21:10
Subject: phone call

Further to our conversation earlier, I have had an opportunity to speak to Cathy Steedman.
If you want to resume some support from Autism Initiatives, please contact Cathy and she will meet with you to plan how this can happen.
The support might be able to help you with some of the things you were talking about.
However, this will not include reinstating Sara or Joanna to work with you.

Best wishes


From: rubyjadesapphire <rubyjadesapphire[at]aol.co.uk>
To: Richard.Ibbotson <Richard.Ibbotson[at]aiscotland.org.uk>
Subject: Another thing...
Date: Fri, 9 Jan 2015 0:10
I don't give a flying monkey's fat *** about the court terms, the toffee nose fuzz pigs or what ****ing rules the judge makes up for me either. If I feel so inclined, I will write letters to the aforementioned staff members personally along with numerous printed posts from threads on forums, damning this messed up company for screwing me over in the manner they willingly did. **** what anybody else says; I feel they *NEED* to see the IMPACT this all has had on a lot of people, me in particular.

Sara, Joanna and also Robert were important to ME and in all these months they have not been supporting me (like they get paid to do with their clients), and I had my life ruined by your treacherous agency, (not just once, but tenfold), I *COULD* have had a recourse with them and been getting on in life, with a cat, with my snooker, my cycling, and a WHOLE LOT MORE productive, healthy activities, like I originally planned to do with these three aides. All these cool things they could have done with me and what a huge honor it would have been to me, too.

That ain't happening though, because YOUR stupid assistant is a ****ing arrogant, unfair douche bag. I find your attitude and hers to be vastly unfair and unnecessary to boot. If you have got NOTHING to hide, then why the **** are they being kept well away from me? They come back = greener pastures. The petty stuff from eons ago could be but an awful memory. Instead, you compound MORE issues by simply refusing to reinstate them, making out it's the court that is the reason. So if I contact them and go back to that **** hole jail because of it, according to you, so what? You clearly don't care about my feelings or those of my family (who would have to see me 30 minutes most days except for Sundays and that is all), otherwise you could just end this stupid gay *** charade (and that's what it is - a total gay *** charade) - AND FOR GOOD.

**** that nonsense about my support coming back! YOU were never going to reinstate those three people anyway. So there is no need to use that court case as some scapegoat now that you all think you have gotten yourselves a free pass outta my life. I've basically had my life systematically ruined. And you don't care one ounce. Nobody does, actually. Think how that looks to an advocate, whose job it is to defend my claims that this company is pure wicked.

"Oh well, we lied to Peter and fobbed him off. It was wrongful. We know we hurt him and although he protested long and hard about the loss of his cherished key worker, and he had good intentions, we broke his heart anyway. We never even went to court to have his best interests at heart, because he just wanted to blame all of US even though, yes, we confessed to having been dishonest. We told him no about Joanna and Sara against his wishes, and his feelings mean nothing to us anyway. Screw his disability. He was only a pay check to us."

Oh aye. I'm sure they will REALLY be pleased to know that YOUR workers shafted me numerous times as well. Like with the Frisky bar. The Costa incident. My last court hearing. Pure 100% treachery. So you cannot say I didn't warn ya and this is where the legal side o' things comes into it. It doesn't look good for your organization employing liars.
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