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I have having difficulty organising my mental health recovery?



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Jun 18, 2009
I suffered a break down two months ago and was in hospital however I am back out now but there are so many issues I have to deal with that it appears impossible to deal with. The psychiatrist will only see me once every six-to-eight weeks and there is a three month waiting list for Psychology, so I am pretty much on my own for now. There is no one I can talk to about any of this in terms of family or friends.

My condition is such that I am housebound, I am to anxious to walk down the street, unless I sedate myself with 15mg of Diazepam. The mental services cannot come and speak to me in my home because my parents don't want anything to do with the whole thing they say that problems like these are too close to home.

I have tried explaining that their support would be helpful but they just say what more support can we give you than the freedom to go to the doctors yourself?

So I spend all day in my room I will usually drink and take prescription medication to make myself doze through the day (no where near enough medication to kill myself though). Anyway, the Psychiatrist has explained she is not a crisis team member, the Crisis Team have said I am not suicidal and therefore I don't qualify for their help, and the waiting list for Psychology is three months. (UK NHS)

So I bought lots of self-help books, CDs, etc. but I just don't know where to begin?


Hi Britisharrow

And :welcome: to the forum.

I'm so sorry that you are facing such difficulties at the moment, and that you have little support from your parents. I wonder what they mean by saying problems like these are too close to home?
Perhaps you may have more success by asking for a particular form of support rather than saying that just being supportive will help. Like saying i'd like you to accompany me on a walk so that I can try and resolve my anxiety issues for example.
Perhaps explain to them, that mental health problems are not resolved in the GPs office but in real life. I assume your problems did not start in the GPs office, how could it all be resolved there?

Are there any other members of your family who may be more understanding of your issues that you can turn to? Or who may be able to speak to your parents to broaden their understanding of your issues.

Can your mental health workers come at a time when they are out of the house? My support worker doesn't come into my house, for various reasons, however we do go to a quiet cafe to have a coffee, where we can chat. Can you not suggest that to your support worker? It may have the added advantage that perhaps if you are anxious they can help you deal with it there and then, with some support and advice? A lot of support workers will do that if there are difficulties meeting at home.

The advantage of meeting a support worker is that they can refer you to a variety of activities and services that can help you get out of your room and fill your day. They are usually run and attended by very understanding people who may have similar problems to you. Many groups vary in size to accomodate those with anxiety issues.

I think it is great that you have bought lots of literature etc to aid with your recovery. As you have so many i'm not surprised you don't know where to start! A good place might be to look through this forum, see what others have written, and if they have tried something and found some success with it and you have bought it, try that first. Or perhaps to prioritise your issues, what you want to deal with first and foremost, and is most hindering your life, and choose something that is most likely to help with it. Some books/CDs etc, vary in their effectiveness so if you have started one that does't really help you, don't stop there. With mental health it is often about trying lots of different things before you find one that helps you.

In the meantime I hope you find this forum helpful, if you have few people in your life understanding of your issues this can be a great release, and there is a wealth of support to be found here. :)



Jun 7, 2009
hi hope you are ok

hello there the nhs is so rubbish isnt it i too am on the "waiting list" i spent to years like you. i am so sorry your family are like they are it doesnt seem like you are getting enough support. i myself have a drinking problem and i abused valium too. it really doesnt help because then the mental health team see you as havin a dual diagnosis eg drink problem/mental illness and there is no help for us we slide between the gap. i have been alcohol free for 8 months i would advise going to your gp even if your terrified they'll understand get a taxi tell them you have no support. hear our voice is a good organisation i dont know if you have it here you live they come see you at your house and encourage you. try to stop drinking it is a slippery slope and will only make things worse. also contact mind in your local area they may have a befriending service. keep posting diddy

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