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I have enough worries in my life now this government



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Feb 28, 2012
Ian duncan smith wants to axe disability living allowance.I was awarded it for life because of my illness gets worse with age.The thought of this government taking my benefit is very worrying.I now realise how uncareing this tory led government is.They want to make cuts reaguardless of illness.I know this will stress me out now till i have the board which could be any time in the next 4 years.


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Feb 15, 2011
west mids
hi, I'm not 100% sure about what is going on, the BBC news today is very scrappy about it.... what I heard said is they want to cut around 2.5£ billion from the DLA bill. So they are looking into reviewing every case.

I can't say if this will happen or not (when will they find the time?) anyway if your illness is so bad and your award is for life I would think you should still get your DLA award.

but from what I know you have to be half dead to get any DLA, but it has been a few years since I appllied and got turned down.

wish you well.



Apr 2, 2013
You can always appeal stan, or try again, the saddest thing is, its must gonna cost them huge amount of more billions to supposedly claw back 2.5billion DLA bills, am not convinced the bill is that much anyway? Like Stan says you have to be classed as very severe to successfully get it. dodo like stan says try not to worry, if it even happens, or till it happens then get as much support as is possible gp, CAB, if you can, and remember the media and govt love to do a scaremongering 'hide the real news', i.e. blame the sick, the mental, the single mums, and any other vulnerable individual who they decide to give a 'bashing' to....... especially on a Monday.

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