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I have discontinued treatment and I am lying about it,



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Dec 10, 2019
I find medication has made the psychosis worse
why do you say that?
I could say the same: before medication the voices were not so bad to me but I used to believe what they said (so I was scared, and that is what they call acute psychosis) while now they say terrible things but I don't believe in them anymore.
The doctors said they got better now since they are emotionally detached from me and I can't communicate with them anymore but they insult me and tell me to f*ck off, so I'm not that happy... Moreover now I don't have space in my head which is a terrible sensation that I didn't have before..
I hate these meds

One of these days my voices will magically disappear: I just need to say that they are gone and everybody will think they are gone, there is no way for the doctors to test if they are actually gone or not
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