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I have difficulty concentrating



New member
Sep 4, 2019
Hey Zoe1, I’ve found a bit of preemptive explanation can be helpful, so they know it might be an issue before it happens? So speaking to your art teacher ahead of time and saying ‘this is a bit of an issue for me and I don’t like to draw attention to it in the middle of class’ can give her a heads up that you might need a quiet refresh half way through or just a wee check-in? Friends can respond well to the same sort of approach too, if you can let them know this is something you struggle with? If you’re asking them to be reasonable about your needs, they should be kind enough to give you a bit of patience. Hope you’re getting on okay today ⭐


Well-known member
Jul 8, 2019
thankyou , you know what
I dont think ive ever admitted it to anyone !
expect when its someone I dont like
that I dont want to talk to !

ive hidden this problem for decades
just pretending I was following
and assuming thats what other people do

something I need to talk to my therapist about