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I have bipolar and have been denied disability benefits and I am extremely depressed and feel hopeless and I am suicidal



New member
Jan 16, 2018
I have bipolar and have been denied disability benefits and I am extremely depressed and feel hopeless and I am suicidal

I have bipolar disorder and extreme anxiety and I have been trying for years to apply for disability benefits. I have all documentations from my doctor who clearly states that I am unable to work due to my condition regardless of my empty work history. I recently had a hearing back in october of 2017 and I got a denial letter in december a few days before christmas from the judge. The judge was extremely brutal and rude and said in the letter how can you know if you can't work if you never worked at all. Then he said that these old evidence and files from my doctor is no good and that I will get denied again immediately if I were to reapply with this old files and documentation. My attorney is forcing me to go to voc rehab and work and I feel really uncomfortable doing that. My family was supportive of me back when I was applying and now ever since they heard that the judge denied me their tone changed and now they are forcing me to get a job. The problem is that I can't go to work and I feel uncomfortable around people. My doctor says that I can't work and it still isn't enough to help me get approved and people don't believe my doctor anymore. I feel hopeless because I got denied from what is potential income to help me. I am fearing that I will end up homeless. I am extremely depressed and I had suicidal thoughts for the past two days. What should I do ?


Well-known member
Dec 30, 2017
Hi,have you tried going to citizens advise?


Well-known member
Jun 23, 2016
Hi there you can Self refer to get a social worker they might help you with all of this
And as cware says citizens advice.
I'm so sorry you went through that with that evil judge.
Hopefully the fact that your doctor tell them your not able to work will eventually sink in.
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