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I have bipolar 2 he has bipolar 1



New member
Feb 2, 2021
Ok this is long...So I have been talking to someone for about 5 months we already knew each other. Right now we are long distance he is moving back home sometime this summer.
He is under a lot of stress right now. He seems to push me away or act one day and a few days later another. I think knowing we can't see each other makes this harder of course. But on new yrs I told him I was taking a step back I was just feeling things were off. He has told me he loves me all kinds of stuff. I had feelings before so was easy for them to come back.
So he wrote me later surprisingly trying to talk I'm guessing. Then he goes in to he is at the edge with everything etc I asked him what exactly he meant. Then he was beating around the bush and I jokingly like I do said god I can't stand you sometimes. After that he blew up told me he was done. I was hindering not helping, causing chaos in his life, that he told me he was in pain and I wouldn't listen, he told me to back off which he didnt, he just said very hurtful things and how he was about to erupt. Then he goes in to saying just stupid stuff like all I care about is clothes, I should go pretend I have it bad just ridiculous stuff.
I have mental health issues I'm treated and been ok lately besides some depression. He is treated but I think needs an adjustment on his meds. I don't believe he meant what he said I think he just ended up having a breakdown. It may not have even been about me but he took it out on me. I told him I was backing off and he's just a mean person. That was our last interaction.

It has now been a month and neither of us has contacted each other. I do think I completely overreacted to a lot of stuff and to blame also. But no excuse for his actions. I try and be sympathetic since I know how bipolar can be. I feel its best to leave it alone but I also don't want to abandon him I care tremendously.
That being said I really feel like he has to be ashamed and feel bad but his silence is making me think otherwise. But then again I'm doing the same.

Guess I'm wanting to share for some advice and if I should ever reach out, be done, give time? I have just been having a hard time with it and both of our issues together probably aren't a good mix.


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Jan 18, 2021
the underworld
i think give him one more chance, and if he doesnt listen, then give him up on him. at least you tried


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Feb 4, 2021
I'm sorry you are losing.
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