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I HAVE ASPERGERS - Please can you help me reach out to friends/acquaintances during this crisis?



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Dec 15, 2019
United Kingdom
Hi everyone,

I am here in the UK, and today, all social venues have been asked to close indefinitely. For me, this rounds off quite a difficult week - where all of my regular social contact has been cut off due to the global C - 19 crisis. I am worried that this will make me very isolated now (I am away from University at the moment, so away from a lot of people). Please could you help me write an initial message that I can use to reach out to friends I have on my Facebook list, so that I can initiate a Facebook/Skype chat with them?

I am quite a shy person, so don't really speak to friends often, but many have said that they care and I can 'always speak to them'. I sort of feel that I have lots of acquaintances, but few close friends due to my natural shyness (such as the difficulties I am having now in reaching out) stopping me from developing closer friendships.

I have drafted my initial thoughts below:

"Hi __________,
I hope that you are well? Just wondering if we could have a chat on here at some point (if you are available)? How's this C - 19 affecting you - everything feels so isolated now! I'm quite shy (socially) and having a chat with you means a lot to me!
Best wishes,

[My Name]"

Please could you say if this is okay to send, of if you could help me write something more concise that will help me reach out?

Thank you so much for any help.


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Jul 8, 2019
I think the email sounds fine Vertigo

if you have the persons phone number
I think it would be better to go straight into a phone call

because people get so many emails
get overwhelmed with them
they might see it as just another email

:grouphug: :) 🌅 🍀 🌻


Mar 20, 2020
Well if you feel the need to ask them how are they doing you can just DM them and do not try to send an email, and all those words that you have there sound more like a robot and not a person, that's why you have to be genuine with them
" Say Hello Dear (friend )
I'm just wondering how you are doing in this crisis? "
and start to chat or called or much better just face tame them.
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