I have accepted my conditions



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Sep 18, 2018
I have accepted I am unwell and can't work or have a social life/relationship.Just getting food shopping and not breaking down outside is a achievement at present.i no longer fight against my condition and now work with it.


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Sep 17, 2018
London, Westmister
Could you guys believe it that people around me has more problem with my anomalish state of being than I do myself? Impossible. I've got no preference what I want/need to be to fulfil the self-expectations but people around is CRYING about me. why? Go live YOUR life and leave me for myself, fair enough? If i'm, like it looks like (Bit hourglass body, bit feminine breasts, bla bla bla), hermaphrodite, does horse dosage of female hormone antagonist help me to live my life. So other refuses to except that I just am different. No need to make a scene out of it. Ok, amuse ladies and peeve (few princess around) boys. Body language is kinda "mixed" deal, bit both. No gender ID, I do not feel myself as man or woman. Need for women tough! And the "Frasier", he's magnificence is making me speechless. How many years that dice has tried to get through triangular hole?


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Jun 15, 2019
South West UK
I'm struggling to accept my limitations but when someone persuades me to take a break and gives permission for me time then I'm likely to agree with them.

I accept my cptsd and find ways to work with it rather than against it. When I get overloaded the first thing that goes is my compensatory dyslexia and start getting my words muddled. I try and talk about two things at once. Eg something falls on the floor whilst I'm on the phone and I say "the camera is on the phone" instead of "can't reach camera from here because I'm on the floor" (pointing at the camera that's fallen on the floor and disconnected).

So I'm about halfway sometimes in takes as much energy trying to do something as explaining to others why you're unable to do what's expected.
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