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I have a YouTube channel that some of you might relate to.



Apr 26, 2018
I started a Youtube Channel that deals with depressing topics like being lonely, being ugly, what it's like not having any friends, constantly being rejected romantically and platonically, etc.

I have had depression for a long time and I know that during certain days when things got very bad, I always looked for sad channels on Youtube so that I could relate to something and maybe feel normal. I never found a channel like that so I decided to start one.

Every Friday, I post one of the many sad personal stories from my life.

Well today I uploaded the first Friday video. It's about three fantastic little comments that were said to me by my in-laws including the one in the title.

Here is part of the first story in textual format to entice you:

Okay so the first story was when I was meeting them for the first time. This was before my sister married her husband so we are not relatives at this point, but mostly just strangers in fact. My sister wants to introduce the two family sides together so she organizes like a group socializing event. I link up with someone my age from their side and we start talking. We talk about everything, life, philosophy, all that stuff. Everything is going great we are bonding well. Or at least that’s what it seems like. Then, out of nowhere, he says something like “You don’t talk to a lot of people... do you?”...

If you want to hear about the rest of that story and the two other ones, search up “Don’t be offended but, you look like you’ve never had a girlfriend” on Youtube.

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Jul 8, 2013
:welcome: to the forum.

Those people who make those comments are douchebags. I know some people like that in my life, it is usually a reflection of their own fears and insecurities.

I am sure you are not ugly bro. I am not sure what ugly even is. I like your character. Your character is brave, amusing and straightforward. Your creation bro.

Some people struggle more with relationships than others. It is just the way it is.

As you get older you will meet new people and hopefully they will not be offensive like these douches.