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I have a thought about the nature of schizo and other psychotic hallucinatory diseases.



Well-known member
Jan 24, 2018
In a way every one hallucinates all the time science has proven this.

Ok here is what I mean by that science has discovered what your senses cannot entirely perceive correctly your brain will fill in the blanks at a "best guess" kind of previous experience sort of your mind is telling you what just happened even though your senses just missed it. Every one's brain goes around doing this.

What if and this is just kind of speculation here I don't have any evidence schizo and other hallucinatory diseases are in part caused by a malfunction in this typical usually normal brain behavior.

Like say your mind loses its best guess abilitity or gets kicked into overdrive every time your mind misses something the brain fills in the blanks whith complete lies. Maybe this is why disembodied voices are so common whith these diseases it your brain responding to external stimuli it can't quite wrap its head around so a normal, typically healthy process has gone awry and the result is hallucinations for stimuli your brain is trying to process in a normal healthy manner.

For me I am in a mild psychotic episode at the moment cannot wait to go back into remission just told my doctor about it get some additional new meds tonight hopefully sending me on an express train to remission.

Anywhoo I just noticed a disembodied voice telling me to shut the f up, but when I stopped and payed attention to my surroundings that voice turned out to be my brain misinterepting a real barking dog outside.

I am immature so I went woof woof brain kiss my but I don't listen to diseases anymore.


Active member
Oct 24, 2012
I heard neighbours voice come out of a seagulls today but was able to tell that a neighbour really had said it, not the seagull. Sometimes when busy my mind misinterpret s stuff! Also I constantly hear a voice from a neighbour who doesn't like me although I can't see him, which confuses me. Most of my voices seem to come from people in the area I live in. I hadn't realized how far their voices carried before. I cannot see most of these people when it happens but am starting to realize I may not be as mad as I thought. I am also waiting for medication to sort out this mess.