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I have a problem....



Nov 18, 2009
heres my story.

I was ana last june to august last year. I felt faint all the time i didn't know what to do. when i started to at i started to feel abit guitly and self hearmed.But i just made a mistake. I've joined a pro ana website. i'm addicted to it. i keep looking on it when im home alone. i've cutted down on meals and im always checking my carlorie intake. Im becomeing obbessed with my bmi and my weight. im 5"7' and currently weigh 7.10 stone. and my bmi is 15.6 or 16.7 it changes depending on the site.
i know i have a problem but i can't talk to my parents because well i'm not that type of girl who says like "Mum, i cut and im not eating as much"
What can i do? Im scared


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Oct 10, 2009
London, UK
I'm in a similar position. I would say do all you can to force yourself off and stay off the proana site. It will only make you sicker and make you hate yourself. I'm trying to wean myself off calorie counting by eating food i know im going to really enjoy, like making myself a really delicious soup with lots of flavours, try to distract yourself from thinking negatively about food and trying to reinforce positive emotions with eating. Then you can work towards eating more. It is working so far for me. Forcing yourself to eat "healthily" just doesnt work, I find i need to go at it step by step.


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Mar 6, 2010
I visit pro ana sites too, it's very addictive, so I can understand how hard it must be to do this, but you do need to stop visiting them.

Could you write a letter to your mother? That may be easier.

I'd see a professional about this, and be assessed for ED's, and then you'll be able to get treatment if you're diagnosed with an ED.

Good luck.