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I have a great new job



Well-known member
Sep 8, 2017
Next week is week 3 of my new job and my 1st "real" week (1st 2 weeks was training to make sure I know what I'm doing and do a good job at it), I would of stuck with my last job if it paid even half-way decent (but sadly almost nobody at that company makes good money, except for mid to upper level manage, division bosses, and people related to bosses), but for all the bad things about the job for them to give me .26 above minimum wage in 2, going on 3 years?

I knew when it started to get worse I had to get a better job, and last summer I knew where I wanted to work (much better pay, 10 minutes drive outside of town), but didn't get the job then and knew I had the job this year; as long as I didn't fail "the process", which was a lengthy test on computer (which you cant fail, they just wanted to know what I'm good at), then a physical and drug test and lastly a background check

that was the most nerve wracking as the company doing it said they couldn't find any proof I had a Diploma, so I had to find it and send them a picture so they knew what information to give the school or state to get a copy.

Then I had coworkers at my last job betting on me to fail, they expect I will be back within a month after I left there because apparently a lot of people find better jobs that don't last; but my job is a unionized factory where it lasts all year long (with sometimes a lot of overtime) and they cant pay workers a low wage (or they won't have anyone to work there and make them money).

So yeah it was quite a lengthy, agonizing process, but I snagged the job, I make quite a bit more than I used to (I had the last job for 5 years and just started the new job, so no raises yet), and while it is a busy job, so was my last job and even worst case scenario I worked up to 15 hour days before, and now I may have to sometimes work 12 hour days and I am loving the more professional work environment (all the non-work related BS at the last job was sometimes quite awful, so many problems that shouldn't have even existed)