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I have a diagnoses of Schizoaffective disorder bipolar type



Oct 4, 2018
I was recently diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder bipolar type but I feel like I just have the bipolar disorder because I don't here voices or have any kind of hallucinations or anything. What does this really mean?


Well-known member
Sep 23, 2018
Georgia, USA
Do you have paranoia or delusions? If so, that could qualify you for schizoaffective. You don't necessarily have to hear voices to have schizoaffective disorder. As long as you have the mood swings and some form of psychosis, you can be diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder. At least, that's my understanding of it. I am no expert, but I have looked into schizoaffective disorder because I think I have that instead of bipolar disorder. If you think your diagnosis is incorrect, I would bring it up to your doctor and see what they say. Tell them what you think you have and why, and if they are any good at their job, they will listen to you.