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I hate feeling like this



Sep 24, 2009

So I put a post before about having suspected Bipolar. My boyfriend told me to get help tonight or he can't cope any more. Put simply I broke down but I also calmed down within an hour too for no reason. And no reason for doing what I did too. I just all of a sudden felt depressed and then I went downstairs and my little sister said something to me and I lost it with her swearing at her and she was horrible so I kept doing it and threatening to 'slap' her and then she kept getting at me so I threw four cup full's of water over her then she came after me so I hit her and then I screamed at how nobody cared and ran upstairs and broke down. I was crying. I kept saying I couldn't do life any more to my boyfriend and friends and then I deleted my msn name and said I'm a nothing and I planned running away but then after a while I calmed down and my mood's changed again. I'm still unhappy but not to the state I was before. Damn I'm fed up.



Well-known member
Nov 5, 2009
Have you recognised in particular what irritates you? Maybe if you were able to identify these triggers you would find it easy to avoid situations like these or just handle them better.

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