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I had a very weird interaction with a stranger



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Jul 7, 2017
Does this situation seem weird to anyone else?

I was walking down a trail yesterday at dusk. I see a large bald man just hanging out leaning against his dirt bike right where the trail forks, in a very random spot. As I'm walking towards the fork he asked 'where I'm coming from', even when I'm still probably a good two hundred yards away. I wasn't sure if he was talking to me so he asked me again. He was being really strangely friendly. It just seemed really weird. He was talking to me the way he'd talk to a 5 yr old, or maybe his wife. He seemed extremely interested in where I'd come from. Then he asked in a very condescending, almost sexual tone, 'so how was your hike?' So I replied, 'good.'

There were red flags all over in this situation. First of all, talking to me from very far away weirded me out and being creepily nice. I looked at him carefully to see if I knew him or if he was a cop but I'd never seen this guy before and he was no cop. I had an instinct to avoid taking the trail he was on so I had to take a different path. There's a difference in being kind to a stranger and the kindness he was executing. The point is I had no idea what his intents were. A stranger being that kind to me threw me way off, especially trying to to me from hundreds of yards away. He was big and had a dirt bike, so he could've done something bad and gotten away with it.

Am I just being overly paranoid? I mean if anyone else was there they'd probably be pretty weirded out too. I'm very hard to weird out because I'm a bit of an oddball myself.


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Dec 26, 2015
its always best to trust your gut instinct. sounds creepy. i had to abort a walk the other day as this stranger seemed to be following me and i was alone ....in fact i turned around and walked towards them and thought yeah two can play this game eeeeeek


We cant always use logic our stomach gives us a sort of
6th sense he sounds like a creep motha fucker good thing you got away