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I grew up always trying to fight or hide the pain i keep inside



Oct 21, 2018
There are good days and there are also bad days and what i mean by those days are the days where you are successful in not doing any "art" on your skin and today is one of those goods. These are the days i cherish the most where in I over come the nagging pain and to not grab a "pencil" to draw on my wrist or on my arms. I grew up always trying to fight or hide the pain i keep inside and the outcome was to always to make a canvas of pain on my skin. I then realize that i do this not because i'm crazy like what most people say and the brand that most people label me. I do this because, this is the only pain I have a control of and doing this lessen the pain i feel in my heart. Making my skin as a canvas of my pain is a way of displacing the anger, pain, despair and other negative emotions i feel inside. making a canvas out of your skin is an addiction for me, while others drown themselves with other substance to forget. I cover myself with 'art' to forget the pain. Seeing my art produce a 'red paint' makes me somewhat more calmer and more relaxed, because physical pain is easier to deal with than emotional one. I wish everyday is like today. Just calm and peaceful.


Well-known member
Mar 26, 2018
I'm really sorry to hear that you are undergoing so much internal pain, and I for sure agree with you with regards to the quick labelling of people as "crazy". It's stories like yours that shine some light on what is truly going on.

What kind of emotional pain are you feeling?


Sep 15, 2018
Aalestrup --Dk
Wow, That's Deep stuff x x

In a Weird way, I Admire what you do, Since I'm not Brave enough, To do that < < But, I Think you Might find better ways, of getting the pain out, by going for walks, start boxing-club or, Hard exercise x xx

There are many Different ways, To punish one-self, a 2½-hour Spinning session is A start <3 <3<3