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I got so manic, I ended up in ICU



New member
Jan 19, 2021
This is partly a response to Diana's post - but I thought it warranted a new thread. I was literally in ICU for a couple days with an incubator shoved down my throat and a catheter inside me. They almost gave me dialysis.

Has anyone else suffered anything this severe?


Dec 9, 2020
nope, never been to hospital for my bipolar yet. i had a 4 year long insomnia once though. it was brutal being in so much pain from lack of sleep but not being tired. now 7 years later i love being tired at night. that tired feeling signaling to me that ill be able to sleep. feeling tired is euphoric to me now and forever. after 15 years of mania i actually prefer the lows. i like depression. i like being able to rest and be calmer and feel sadness. depression suits my boring life more anyway. i like watching slow and or sad movies when im low, and feeling sad. its a euphoric feeling after the emotionless and meaningless of mania. mind you i was out today and i think a bit of mania started coming in and felt great. really lifted my mood up. felt like i was ontop of the world. now it feels faded off and im tired. so this is perfect; mania during the day and low at night. thats how it should be everyday. maybe thats how it is for normies. having energy in the day and being tired at night.
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