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I get it. You don't get it. I fully understand. And maybe... Its not your fault.



Feb 3, 2020
London, Uk
We are all on different train stops. In this journey of life. Some of us are even headed in different directions. I fully understand.

This is my rembrandt.

I am in the middle of a multi million dollar negotiation. There are several companies involved in each potential offer. I have studied the top five. Selected the top 2.

In the process. I have tried to convey all of these elements to several key people. At each interval. I want to inspire these people, as they are dear to me. But most importantly; I want to show them that anything is possible. And ultimately; that they can do anything too.

They do not fully understand that. At least not at this particular moment. This deal is worth billions. But not even millions today. My inclination of investment; is that it will be sometime in the future.

People over estimate what they can do now, in exchange for under estimating; with time. - Exactly what they can do; in the future.

All simple.

In business. You need two vital key ingredients. Discipline. And patience. My two virtues. I will give you two extreme examples.

New business owners will take a pay cut. Or no salary while building a business. As they are building it up from ground zero..

Jeff Bezos, when building Amazon paid out zero dividends. Now today. Look how powerful Amazon is. Look at the price of each stock.

During this building phase/ incubation; Jeff Bezos was all in. Like betting it all on red in Las Vegas. Either we win. Or we win.

The same applies here.

You have to eat top ramen noodles until you become a huge success. I know what is on the other side. Because I have two choices.

I can take a huge loan. Owe my entire company to the banks, capital venture firms or angel investors. And risk loosing everything at any sign of financial stress.


Leverage myself. Perhaps create a joint venture partnership and take zero cents; up front. Work my assets off and secure my future success. By risking it all. Either I win. Or I win.

This is the golden standard. Because it is my only standard. This means I accept full responsibility.

You also have to have a vision. I know and believe in my heart, with full conviction; that I will succeed in all do. Nothing else runs through me. Therefore like Jeff Bezos. I know exactly who I am and where I am going.

I am teaching my loved one the vision concept. I know what my idea is worth now. I know what it will be worth in the future; now. Today.

I know who I am, and exactly where I am going in life. Always and forever. I am in full control.

And if I can do it. So can you. So can anyone. We don't know exactly where we are going. There are never guarantees. But at least we know that we, have the power to decide. We can choose our direction.

I accept. My Lamborghini has to be black. Because dark purple may be too dangerous. I accept. I have given you this example before. It can not go on social media, because that type of behavior is too dangerous. I accept.

Having a car like that today. Has a different meaning from 1997.

Back to business. Life is the same. It will hurt to be financially insecure; for several years. While your business venture or dreams are being built. But its ok.

Long term. It will be all worth it. If I can have patience. Anyone can. Its possible. I tell my loved ones. Anything is possible.

I know that it will take time for them to understand. But I am off to a great start. They are all mentally scarred. I grew up poor. Suffering. And in pain. They are the same.

I was blessed with time to think and reflect; educate myself. Just to heal so many wounds. I learned different coping mechanisms; just like writing here.

Each day. I built a better version of myself. If something frightens me. I now run to it like an asian bullet train. Our growth at times comes from those uncomfortable moments. Where things seem impossible.

On a road trip, I ran into a storm. I could not see further than 4 feet. There were 18 wheelers all around me. I had a full truck. Plus a trailer with a race car on the back of it. After almost having a heart attack. I pulled over. I waited for the storm to pass; a bit...

I tried to jump back on the highway... And the same thing happened again; for a second time. I made it one exit further up... Along my journey.

I decided to pull over permanently. I spent the night. It through my vacation for a loop for an additional month.

Moral of the story. Lesson learned.

This journey. I do not always understand. But I try my best every day.

I want happiness for all. I know its a greedy approach. But as far as it goes. I accept.

I am guilty as charged.

What I thought was happiness and success at age 17. Was one sided and incomplete. I see myself today in amazement.

How much God has humbled me. How much I have learned. And for my loved ones. My patient zeros.. They are rebuilding gradually.

There is hope. There is hope..

I am sharing my decision making with them by choice. To teach them. In business.. I have hit a few home runs... I don't know how many more I have left. ... Everything is a balance.. But.. Only God Knows...

May The Force Be With You.

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